lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Blender Cycles: Black Body Lights Reference (New Feature in Blender 2.69)

Hi everybody. Today I have done a reference of the new node Blackbody. This node produces a range of colors according to the temperature of a body. It comes from a physical theory which explains that the color of the radiation doesn't depend on the shape or composition of the body, only in its temperature. This node is useful to set emission color for materials: bulbs, lamps, sky or sun.

I have used two node setups in this reference (you can see 6000ºK to see the difference):

A. Emission Setup: It is a simple setup, with lower strength for camera rays. So you can appreciate the light from the object in a dark scene.

B. Lamp Setup: I have added glossiness to the material and mixed with Emission to get a material similar to lamps.

This is the bulb node group included, useful for lamps:

EDIT: You can download all these materials in blendswap.

Black Body Lights reference:
  • 1900ºK Candle
  • 2500ºK Bulb Tungsten
  • 2900ºK Bulb Tungsten
  • 3000ºK Sun Sunset
  • 3000ºK Halogen 100watt
  • 3380ºK Bulb Tungsten
  • 4500ºK LED Natural White
  • 4800ºK Sun Direct Light
  • 5000ºK Sun Noon
  •  5400ºK Sun Noon
  • 5500ºK Daylight Sun+Sky
  • 6000ºK Daylight Sun+Sky
  • 6000ºK Fluorescent
  • 6500ºK Sun with Clouds
  • 7500ºK Fluorescent
  • 8000ºK Cloudy Sky
  • 9000ºK Cloudy Sky
  • 10000ºK Blue Sky

6 comentarios:

VeggieT dijo...

How do these lights react to objects? Do they produce a different light than rgb?

elbrujodelatribu dijo...

No, the blackbody node only produces a RGB color output. But that color is physically correct and you can use it as real colors in nature.

Unknown dijo...

These seems to be working on some kind of material that produces glow. But the light looks real fascinating.
glow fabric

elbrujodelatribu dijo...

Thanks Samantha. Interesting link to get ideas. In the material I have decreased the strength for camera rays to make the light more visible.

Unknown dijo...


I have been looking for a way to simulate blackbody radiance T=40K to 400K and render using a camera ~ 10 micron wavelength. Is it possible to do this with your Black Body Lights?

elbrujodelatribu dijo...

Hi @Russell Crook. I'm not sure what are you speaking about. You can set color materials to 40K to 400K with 'blackbody'(the color is deep red) or 10 micron with 'wavelength' (the color is dark/black). I think that camera could be an infrared camera. I'm not sure how to simulate an infrared camera in blender. Maybe is a subject for BlenderArtist forum.

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