viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Blender Cycles OSL: Sierpinski Squares

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show you a Sierpinski Squares material using OSL and blender.

The code for the sierpinski squares pattern is as follows:

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*   By: elbrujodelatribu

float genCheck(vector p, float res)
    return (mod(res * p[0], 1.0) < 0.5 ^ mod(res * p[1], 1.0) < 0.5) ?
        0.0 : 1.0;

shader node_sierpinski_squares(
    float Scale = 1.0,
    float Zoom = 1.0,
    vector Vector = P,
    float MaxIterations = 10.0,
    output float Fac = 1.0,
    output color ColorOut = 0.8)    
    vector p = Vector*Scale/(2.0*Zoom);
    float diExp = 1.0;
    float result = genCheck(p,1.0);

    for(float i = 0.7; i <= MaxIterations; i++)
        result += genCheck(p,diExp) / i;

        diExp *= 2.0;
    result /= MaxIterations / 2.0;

    Fac = result;
    ColorOut = color(result,result,result);

This will be a basic render colored by the pattern:

I have applied this pattern to an anisotropic shader. This is the node setup:

 Here there are other renders and their node setups:

 And this is the node setup of my first render in this article:

The Scale and Zoom parameters can be used to see different levels of detail. In this renders I have used a Mapping node instead.

I hope you like them.


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