viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Stucco Material II

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show you another version of a stucco material for walls:

Basically, the node setup of this material is very similar. The wall material is the same but I have changed the color of the wall. I have including another pattern to make the wall bumping more irregular and realistic.

This is the node group with the pattern called Misc32. It is the same that the one explained in my previous version of the stucco material.

This is the new pattern, called Misc30. It is similar to the Misc32 pattern.

I have mixed both patterns using the darken method of the MixRGB node. This method only mix the colors if the second color is darker than the first color. As I'm darkening with a 0.5 factor, it means that the dark areas of my second pattern will flatten the bumping of my first pattern. If you make the material more irregular you can get a more realistic look.

Finally I have used Object Coordinates for texturing. So this material can fit better in your objects. If you find that you need to scale it, you can add a couple of nodes (Value and Math >> Multiply). So if you change the value "25.000", automatically the texture will be scaled proportionally.


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