miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Renders of Leather Material Updated

These are the renders included in the blend file in blendswap:
  • Black Leather - New
  • Black Leather - Worn
  • Black Leather - Cracked
  • Brown Leather - New
  • Brown Leather - Worn
  • Brown Leather - Cracked
  • Dark Brown Leather - New
  • Dark Brown Leather - Worn
  • Dark Brown Leather - Cracked
  • White Leather - New
  • White Leather - Worn
  • White Leather - Cracked
  • Green Leather - New
  • Green Leather - Worn
  • Green Leather - Cracked
  • Red Leather - New
  • Red Leather - Worn
  • Red Leather - Cracked

2 comentarios:

Pedro dijo...


these are veeery nice materials, please, make them available somewhere else besides blendswap, for those who don't have enough bandwidth to download them :~~ (lol).... Anyways, congrats!

Alexander dijo...


Is it possible to see the full settings? Download material on the site is not possible. This material is very interesting.

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