martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Stucco Material III

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show you my third (and final) stucco material for walls:

I prefer this because it is more irregular and then more realistic.

This is the coplete setup I will detail below:

The material is similar to the other stucco materials. I have only changed the color:

The important part is the stucco bump pattern. I have used four patterns and I have chained four Bump Nodes to create an irregular surface. I will show the patterns below, but maybe you have seen two of them in my previous version.

I have included a Value node with several Math nodes to centralize the scale of all patterns. As I'm using Object coordinates you only need to change that value to modify the texture scale proportionally.

These are the patterns I have used:

* Misc30 Pattern, used in my Stucco Material II.

* Misc32 Pattern, used in my Stucco Material I and II.

* Felt13 Pattern. I found this pattern while investigating the felt material. It is pretty useful for rough textures.

* Misc25 Pattern. This is a very irregular pattern. I think it is useful for bumping.

I hope you like this material.
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