lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Black Leather Material

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to try to make a black leather material.

The most important in this material is to get the leather texture. If you see some examples like this, leather texture has a pattern similar to some overlapped distorted grids. Probably this material is not good enough for a close-up image, but I think it could be useful for cars interior, clothes or furniture. This is the node setup I have made:

I have mixed both bands textures with the darken feature. See here in this post for color mix modes examples. After mixing, I have added a invert node and a gamma node to flatten the texture. So the bubble look disappears. I have tried to make a subtle bump effect here:

Note that bump feature is still experimental, and it is a target to improve in blender version 2.67.

This material is black leather and it hasn't hues. In the next post I will show you brown leather with some improvements.

You can download a newer version of this texture in blendswap.


1 comentario:

Rodrigo dijo...

Muchas gracias ! muy buen acercamiento..

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