domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Blender Cycles: Procedural Stars World

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show to you how to make a stars world for cycles. Blender internal has an option in the world settings to create this, but cycles engine hasn't. So I have created a procedural world including galaxies too.

First of all we need a texture to show stars. I have taken one node setup from this awesome apple material explained here. It is well explained by its author. It is called Big Dots.

Then I need a noise texture to simulate galaxies in astronomy pictures. I have used the following. It is called Noise0Pattern:

The next step is setting the noise texture on the world. I have used two Noise0Pattern groups, one for blue/pink light, and another for yellow light. I have also used alpha to be uses as factor for mixing both textures. This is what I have done:

I have tweaked the pink/blue color ramp node to establish high and low density areas of stars in the world.

After this I can add stars with different sizes and intensities. Some of them go to high density areas and the others go everywhere:

And finally I have joined everything and used two Background nodes with different strengths. Because of the World settings add light to your objects, I use 1.0 for camera background and 0.

This is the complete node setup and the world panel view:

You can download this in blendswap and find a high resolution version of the render with some compositing in deviantart.

I hope you like it.


1 comentario:

tommy1441 dijo...

Buenas Brujo..buen tutorial, ahora bien una pregunta..existe la posibilidad de cambiar el tamaño final de las estrellas porque cuando me acerco al planeta que hize, el fondo de estrellas se ven gigantisimas.

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