martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Scratched Metal Material

Hi every body. Today I'm going to show you a scratched metal material:

(1) Preview of the node setup explained in this article

 (2) Preview of the node setup with parameters modified for the last render below

This is the basic node setup of the material:

As you can see, the material is a simple Glossy node wich is added a scratched bumping. You can change the Glossy node by another metal or a material of you own.

The main element of the Scratched Pattern node group is a tweaked Voronoi texture, which produces a streaky pattern:

This is the Map Range node group included:

This tweaked Voronoi texture produces some spots painted on your texture. The number of spots depends on the Threshold parameter (1.0 for all spots, <1 .0="" a="" apply="" effect="" get="" i="" if="" less="" need="" or="" scratched="" spots="" streaked="" the="" to="" want="" you="">Mapping Vector
node scaling the texture in this way:

The Scratched Pattern node group contains eight groups of  Mapping-Tweaked Voronoi nodes.

This is the comparison of one Tweaked Voronoi or eight of them with different rotations:

Finally, the eight nodes are mixed using a Darken node. I have done a version of this node adapted for numbers:

Now you can experiment with the Vector/Scale/Threshold parameters of the Scratched Pattern node group. If you scale the pattern too much you will get a kind of stainless steel metal material:

Finally here there is a scene made by me using this material (HD version here):


5 comentarios:

TheBasti dijo...

Nice Tutorial! But how i can Change the Color of the scratches like "rust"? I Need a Color Input for the (big) node-scratched-pattern node and yes a Color or shader Output...

elbrujodelatribu dijo...

You can plug the pattern output into a MixRGB node with other colors of your own. Then use these colors for the diffuse color (or glossy color, glossy roughness, ...) and the BW pattern for the bumping/displacement.

Scribbler dijo...

Thanks for taking the time to make this great tutorial. Your whole blog is pretty handy, as a matter of fact.

I'm able to get everything running, but I can't get the voronoi texture to smear like the one you're showing. Where exactly is this smearing taking place? I've checked and double checked and haven't been able to find where I'm making the mistake.

Thanks again for sharing your node setups and for any additional help you can provide.

Scribbler dijo...

I've found out what I was doing wrong. I wasn't messing with the scaling in the texture mapping nodes. I needed to stretch the dots out using that.

Thanks again!

J.N. Tieman dijo...

Hey im working in blender 2.82 and things are different the node setup doesn't seem to be functioning? could u help me out !

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