miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Testing CGTrace's Material Ball

Hi. I have been testing the CGTrace's Material Ball:


Colombia Gold:


Its author, Victor Borges says that it is similar to other testing scenes used with Mono software. I really like the color strips beside the ball and the scene loads and renders faster than @Tuqueque's Blender Ball. However I think it can be improved. I will continue making tests and post them here in this article.

These are more screenshots with the scene modified:
  • Blood:
  • Colored Glass:
  • Brown Leather:

These are the tweaks I have done on the blendswap scene:
  • Recalculating all normals
  • Changing Diffuse materials to roughness 0.1, so they use Oren-Nayard algorithm
  • Changing Color light to Blackbody 6500 (like a fluorescent or white LED light)
  • Adding a Cube which wraps all the objects, so the black world is not reflected. Its material is Diffuse RGB(0.6, 0.6, 0.6) and roughness 0.1.

1 comentario:

V.H.Borges. dijo...

Hey, I updated the Material Ball with some of your tweaks... Thanks.
Download the newer version :)

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