miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Chrome Material

This material is made with Blender and Cycles. It is quite simple. You need to create an effect like a mirror.

In Cycles you need the Glossy node with Sharp option enabled. This setup doesn't take into account the Roughness paramenter. I have added a color ramp node, controlled by a facing layer weight node, to show a darker border outwards, which I see in some pictures, for example in Harley Davidson motorbikes:

In this node setup I have only played with the color of the material. I think it would be better mixing two glossy nodes with fresnel or facing, so it would be more accurate with reflections. About the appropiate color, it depends on the references you take. I saw accesories from many cars and motorbikes pictures (like this exhaust pipe of a Harley), and I observed that kind of gradient.

That's all.


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