jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Blender Foolish Trick: Append a Particle System

If you want to append a particle system from another blend file, you have noted that you don't have that option (see this post about append materials or node groups).

But you can do that easily following these steps (Cycles or Blender Internal):

1) In my example I want to change the strands of a carpet.

Do the first three steps from the post above, selecting a blender file which has one object with the new particle system. Then select the Object directory and that object in the list. The object will appear in your scene.

If you can not see it, it will be out of the camera view. Drag and drop it inside this.

2) Select the carpet or the object you want to change its particle system.

3) Go to Properties window >> Particle System button >> Settings, click in the stars button and select the new particle system (in this case Fur26)

4) Now I have the carpet with the new appended strands (if you want compare the image with the first in this post). Select the last object appended and delete it.

5) That's all. My old object with the new particle system. Now it is time to check the particles set up (number or particles, children) and fit them to its owner object.


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