lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

Marble / Stone Material

Hi everybody. Today I'm going to show you a marble / stone material.

I have used two wave textures and a color ramp node to generate de base color of this material. After that I have added a translucent shader to get some light absortion, and the normal fresnel-glossy mix to get reflections:

The colors of the ramp are: #523025, #8C5947, #BC8F79, #A9765F, #BC8F79, #8C5947, #BC8F79, #8C5947, #C2AEA7 and #C29B89.

The marble patterns are mixing using screen option, which produces a clearer image, and are like these:

One is more scaled to produce little details inside the main wave texture.

If you want to get a fast version of this material you can remove the translucent shader node. This node makes the render slower. You will get this material:

Here there are other renders:

I hope you like it.

EDIT: Now you can download these materials in blendswap.


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