lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Worn Leather Material

Hi. Today I'm going to show you a worn leather material. This is a version of my previous black leather material.

To make this, I needed two things:
1.- including noise in the color material.
2.- making wrinkles appear clearer in the material, like worn leather.

So I have changed the leather group to include another ramp node for getting a clean leather pattern (second point), without any transitions. Using its constant mode you get this.

Then I can change the color only for the wrinkles using this new socket (called pattern). I have added a kind of threshold (0.3 value in the image) which let me make the wrinkles thicker or narrower.

The final node setup is as follows:

The node setup for diffuse/glossy shader is the same as black leather.

You can download this material and others with different colors at blendswap.

Other renders:


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