lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Fabric Material for Upholstery

Hi. Today I'm going to show you a fabric for upholstery material:

This is the main node setup. It is divided into two blocks: bumping and fabric material.

The fabric bumping consists of a subtraction of two colors from wave texture nodes (bands option). I have added a power node and a color ramp node to make the color transition of the pattern sharper.

The synthetic fabric consists of a material with fresnel and facing reflections. The diffuse node uses Oren-Nayard algotithm (its roughness is higher than 0.0), and the glossy nodes also have a high roughness.  The setup is as follows:

Here theres is a simple test. Hires version here (model by Klaus Gollwitzer, @iamklaus):


4 comentarios:

niverik2k dijo...

The issue I have always had is...... "Where do I get fabric textures from?? Is it something that you make, or is there a website to get fabric bump textures???"

elbrujodelatribu dijo...

I made it. It is completely procedural. You only need to be careful with the UV unwrap of your object. I have more fabric materials which I will post here in this blog

niverik2k dijo...

thank you.

Unknown dijo...

dude. you are awesome. Thank you for this learning experience. I would love to hear more about your style of texturing.

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