lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Tablecloth Fabric Material

Hi. Today I'm going to show you a tablecloth fabric material:

I have divided this material into three parts:

1) Color pattern
2) Bump pattern, for fabric
3) Fabric or cloth material

First of all, I have done the color pattern using two wave textures, with "bands" option enabled. You get the tablecloth color with the color mix node (mix option). I have also used a "MapRange" node, which I saw in some thread in BlenderArtist, to get sharp borders in this pattern.   

Secondly, I have done a fabric bump pattern, again using two wave textures. This time I have mixed them with a subtract color node. See right side for an example image.

I have flattened this bump pattern with a gamma node (value 3.0), which makes the color of the pattern darker and therefore more flat. Besides I have reduce the strength of the bump node to 0.5.

Finally, I have used both pattern in a cloth material, similar to the one shown in Camouflage Material. I have used diffuse node with roughness value 1.0, so it uses oren-nayar algorithm. I think this is more appropiate to simulate cotton tablecloth.

Here there is a test of this material (model by Dale Cieslak, @sizzler):

Hires version here.

You can download this material in Blendswap. I hope you like it.


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